Experience the Journey of tea

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Follow the Trail of Tea:

Damdim is a large tea estate located in the foothills of the Himalayas in North Bengal.  A place where you can experience for yourself the journey from tea Bush to cup.  The tea trail at Damdim is not just an adventure to understand and appreciate your chosen beverage better, it is in fact a respite from the trials and tribulations of today’s stress.

Wend your way through tea scenic Dooars to reach the colonial “Damdim Residency” • A quick comfort break followed by a snack and a cup of tea “as fresh as your thinking” Start your journey tracing the beginnings of the cup that cheers.

The first stop is the VP (Vegetative Propagation) Nursery, where it all begins. See how a “cutting” of a single leaf and a bud grows into a tea plant. Also see the pepper cuttings and the shade trees being carefully tended till ready to be transplanted in the field.

Next, visit the Seedbari, where you can see the matured tea trees that are 25-30 feet high. Seeing tea trees like this is a very rare sight indeed.

• Visit a plucking site and observe the synchronous hands of a seasoned plucker selectively pick the correct two leaves and a bud… try your hands at it.

• Drive past the large areas of newly planted Young Tea..the circle of rejuvenation by replacing the old and Moribund bushes with the latest clones

• Having covered the field side move on to the factory and witness first hand how the tender green tea leaves are converted to tea as we know it. Each step of manufacture from Withering to CTC, Fermenting Drying  and sorting will be explained by an expert.

• Sip and Savour the manner in which tea is assessed and rated for its Appearance, Infusion and Liquor.

Finally visit a World class Packaging facility where the finest of teas are blended and packed into the “seen on shelf packets” we buy for our daily consumption.

Rupees 600 per person inclusive of all taxes (if bringing your own vehicle.
Additional Rs 100 per person if we provide our vehicle within the garden)

The price includes: Tea and snacks, Bottle of mineral water, Cost of guide, Take away packets of tea souvenir.